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Target Market Analysis


A target market, or target audience, is the pool of customers to whom you want to potentially sell your products or services. Your target market is not everyone who is located in your business’s area. It’s only made up of the people who are good fits for your products.


Target Market Process

No business can be all things to all people. Luckily, your business doesn’t have to be. You can focus your marketing and sales efforts on a specific target market—the group of consumers you want to have using your product the most.

By adding a target market into your strategy, you’ll be able to more effectively market to customers while pinpointing their exact needs and reducing ancillary spend. 

Primary Target Market

In this area of the project we distinguish the characteristics of the primary target markets and market segments. This is in order to make target markets to a manageable size. In this section critical needs, extend into which those needs are currently being met, demographics, geographic location, purchasing decision makers and influencers and season and cyclical trends are analyzed.

primary target market size

Number of prospective customers are analyzed, annual purchase of products and services, geographic area and anticipated market growth are looked into.

Market Penetration

Market penetration measures the extent to which the client anticipates penetrating the market and demonstrating why this level of penetration can be achieved based on the market research. Analysis would include, market share, number of customers, geographic coverage, among other influential factors.


In case the client needs surveys are conducted. this can be from a pool of minimum 100 people. Recommended to get acceptable results between 500 and 1000 sample people. Its important to understand that in order to get 100 accurate results more than 300 people are surveyed. This services has an additional cost depending on number of people and geographic location


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Research & Analysis

Great research from primary and Secondary resources. Access to more than 20 paid databases, research information, marketing studies and target market analysis.

Roadmap planning

With a Detailed analysis and process including primary and secondary target market analysis, you will understand the demographics and psychographics of your future clients.

Professional Delivery

All projects are 100% custom made. Thought and developed for the client. no templates are used. Time is taken to analyze each individual company and business to understand their needs, goals and objetives.


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The most important factor for success on the market is to find the right match between one’s own product and the people who will later use the product or service.

For example, in order to attract potential customers not only to a website, but also convert them into actual buyers, you have to find out who your core target group is. You have to know exactly what this target audience wants, how they make their purchase decision and what added value they expect from a service.

It is all about connecting with the consumer. This only works if you narrow down your target audience as precisely as possible before addressing them.


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